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Over the years the body can be exposed to many different chemicals, hormones, toxins and poisons. The body tries to rid itself of these agents however a lot of the time it isn’t fully successful and there are residual pollutants that accumulate. They get stored in various areas such as organs, tissues, and cells. You need to rid your body of these things and this is why it’s important to do a cleanse.
There are many types of cleanses and I’d always recommend talking to a health care professional first to figure out the best cleanse suited for you. That being said, typically people start with a liver cleanse for and intestinal cleanse first. They are designed to improve digestion and prevent the body from absorbing toxic substances. Typically cleanses can range from a few days to a few weeks. Whatever the cleanse you end up doing, do it the whole way through. If you end up cheating on it get right back to it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Too many times I’ve seen people mess up and then abandon the whole thing or only partially do the cleanse. This is why many people state the cleanse didn’t work. On closer inspection, it is usually that the person abandoned it or lackadaisically followed it. So whatever cleanse you do, follow it strictly and completely.
As a warning preplan your schedule according to the cleanse. If you are doing a cleanse that might require that you are close to a toilet, then plan for it. If the cleanse requires a certain diet. Shop beforehand and make whatever food you are planning on consuming earlier in the week. This will set you up for a successful cleanse. Cleanses are great and if you do one you will most likely see some great benefits. My office offers a few types of cleanses. If you are ever interested in them feel free to e-mail my office at I wish you luck and hope you enjoy the benefits of a well cleansed body.
Types of cleanses to possibly consider after consulting your doctor:
1. Anti-Candida Cleanse which is designed to remove candida albicans — a type of yeast — from your system.
2. Parasite Cleanse which aides with IBS, diarrhea and other abdominal issues, skin problems and various nutrition problems.
3. Kidney Cleanse which flushes out the kidneys by passing large amounts of water through them or by using diuretics.
4. Fat Flush Cleanse which uses cleansing techniques to burn fat. This cleanse couples with a liver detoxification with a special diet to take advantage of the body’s natural fat burning abilities.
5. Ayurvedic Cleanses were created in India and couples with Eastern philosophy to detoxify and cleanse the body of mental and physical impurities. This is a three-phase cleanse.
6. Juice Cleanse have many types. They all involve replacing food with juice of one type or another designed cleanse the stomach or enrich the blood.
7. Gallbladder Cleanse which is designed to help a gallbladder function properly and reduce the risk of gallstones.
8. Liver Cleanse which is a kidney cleanse, the liver cleanse is designed specifically to clean the liver and improve its function.
Cleansing is not for everyone. If done incorrectly you won’t get the desired results and improper or excessive cleansing can even be dangerous to your health. It’s vital that you have a comprehensive and detailed program to follow.
(This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.)

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