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-Benjamin Horning, DC


This is a topic that is not very popular but should be addressed as it can negatively affect the body in many ways. The main problem people have with sugar is avoiding it or craving it. This is mainly because sugar can be found in many foods and can even be hidden in foods. Also, most people have had sugar in one way or another since an infant. Now when I talk about sugar I am referring to artificial sugar as a sweetener or an additive. There is sugar in many natural foods such as fruits. Even though this is much better then artificial sugar it still needs to be limited. Fruits are great but when you eat too many fruits you can get the negative effects of sugar.
Sugar gives a person energy but it also can cause many problems. Diabetes, weight gain, inflammation, headaches and much more can be attributed to excess sugar. I believe people know sugar is bad for them but knowing something is bad for you and doing something about it are two different things. The truth of the matter is sugar is addicting. Withdrawal from sugar affects the brain similar to withdrawing from drugs. It can be rough. Not to mention most comfort foods have sugar in them. So, it’s two-fold, the biochemical cravings for sugar and the emotional connection that sugary foods may bring.
Your health depends on ridding yourself of most artificial sugars, but how? The first thing to handle any problem is to confront it. Look at labels. See what you are dealing with. Did you know a leading energy drink has 27 grams of sugar per serving? Any even more shocking is that the can is actually two servings, not one! So, per can you are really drinking 54 grams of sugar. Look at labels! The second thing to do is plan a transition out of sweets. A good buffer is to start juicing even if fruits do contain sugar it’s going to be better than a sugary soft drink. Work your way to less sugary fruits and add more veggies and herbs and your pallet will start to change. Another thing to do is try new healthy foods. You will be surprised how many things actually taste good if you try. People have been trying to figure this out for some time and there are some delicious and health comfort foods now you just have to look for them. Lastly, keep it up and do not give into temptations to go back to the candy and the sodas. Typically, it takes about 5 weeks to develop a habit and there will be moments where you will need to use your will power to overcome those cravings. Keep at it and you will overcome being bombarded with excess artificial sugar. Good luck.


(This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.)

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