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The Truth About Supplements

When it comes to eating, it is very important to have a diet full of nutrition. Unfortunately, in today’s society having a nutritious meal can be near to impossible. First of all, you have to get all your vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, carbohydrates, and fats every day. And secondly, here’s the reality, even if you had time to cook all of your meals there is still a chance your food may be in deficient in nutrition. The reason being, it is hard to tell where your food comes from. Is it organic? Is it GMO free? And even if it is, what was the soil’s mineral content? Who knows? Don’t get me wrong, I highly suggest eating as clean as possible. I’m also not trying to discourage you. However, my point is that in today’s age, nutritional supplements can play a big part in your health journey.
Here is an important piece of data in regards to supplements: NOT ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE THE SAME. First of all, there are different grades of supplements. The lower quality will be found at generic stores where high quality can only be prescribed to you by a doctor or a nutritionist. It’s worth the extra time and energy to see a doctor or nutritionist in order to get access to high quality supplements.
Secondarily, the next thing is to differentiate they type of supplements. They can be either synthetic supplements or whole food supplements. The important thing to know is Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is not the same as a Whole Food Vitamin C Complex. Whole food Supplements contain other minerals called co-factors. These co-factors help the body recognize the vitamin and which aides in its absorption. So the amount of a vitamin actually in a whole food supplement will be less than that of a synthetic one because it will be absorbed much easier and will most likely work a lot better.

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    Wow. Didn’t know that there were different types of supplements.

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