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Neck Pain
I started going to Dr. Horning, after a previous chiropractor failed to treat my neck after a nasty horse riding accident. I had already been in constant pain for two months so decided to give Dr. Horning a try after my friend suggested him. after the first two weeks my nearly constant headache was practically gone. My neck and back took longer to heal, but there was almost immediate improvement.
Dr. Horning is super friendly, being playful, but still extremely competent. The office is a fun place that has a relaxed friendly feel. if you are a little nervous around doctors this is the perfect place to go to. I travel 4 hours round trip to get here, and it well worth the time. – S.S.

Low Back Injury
Dr. Horning gave me back my life. He helped me get off pain pills and put me on all natural supplements to help strengthen my tendons to help keep my disc in place. I went into his office barely walking and now I have my life back. Dr. Benjamin Horning is an amazing Chiropractor. – L.B.

Highly Recommended
As an attorney, I have had the opportunity to work with many health care professionals over the years. Dr. Horning truly cares about his patients and is extremely enthusiastic about his life’s calling. I do not hesitate to refer my clients to Dr. Horning for health and well being especially when they are complaining of headaches, back or shoulder pain or food allergy sensitivity. In this era of heightened health awareness, Dr Ben is an invaluable partner to reaching your best self. – J.N.

Jaw Pain
I highly recommend Dr. Horning to all, any age! Dr. Horning is amazing, Kind, Compassionate and He Listens! I went to Dr. Horning for many issues and he has helped me with such concern and kindness, he really cares! I had TMJ, No need for the Dentist and thousands of dollars, Dr. Horning fixed it with one adjustment, Like Magic! Dr. Horning balances my supplements for endocrine issues including adrenal that my endocrinologist wouldn’t even discuss with me. I have complete confidence and trust with Dr. Horning and am so grateful for his knowledge, skill and dedication to my well being. I have been going to chiropractors for years and have never been treated so expertly and well as this. Applied Kinesiology is such a perceptive gift and Dr. Horning is very knowledgable and skilled, I am so grateful for his help. -T.M.

Shoulder Pain
I went to see Dr. Horning for long-time chronic shoulder pain, weakness and range of motion loss. I was certain I would require surgery. After a quick strength test, Dr. Horning was able to determine my problems of nerve and tendon impingement caused by scar tissue build up. He began by breaking up the scar tissue which freed up my tendon. This released tension on the nerve which immediately stopped the chronic pain, aching and weakness. Feeling better daily and relieved I will not require surgery. As a 30 year medical professional myself, I admire Dr. Horning’s naturopathic approach to diagnosis and healing. He has a broad range of practical knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine which he applies during his diagnosis. He is one of the best I have met over my lifetime. I highly recommend Dr Benjamin Horning as a starting point for almost any physical ailment. – H.A.

Dr. Horning is amazing. Before my first visit, I had trouble breathing and a cough that wouldn’t go away. I had myself on a strict diet and wasn’t able to workout any further than a simple walk and my previous chiropractic had me on 9 different supplements. Now I’ve been able to workout with no problems.. other than my motivation at times ;-)… and able to enjoy tacos once again! It’s been about two years and I’m still feeling good with my usual check-up every 6-7 weeks. – R.G.

Holistic Care
Dr Horning is exceptionally skilled and attentive! Highly recommend him for anyone looking to get to the root of issues, looking to establish a better path to health, or anyone who needs on-going or “emergent” support with an illness or injury. We’ve gone in for everything from neck/back issues to ear infections, sports injuries and everything in between. AK/Chiro support WILL provide relief and healing in a way no western med can, and Dr. Horning is skilled in executing this method. – J.S.

Back Pain/ Posture
Dr. Horning helped me with chronic lower back pain and posture issues. He allowed me the possibility to truly work out with out the fear of pain. Also, provided me with useful tools to correct my posture issues. Thanks a million! – T.L.

Shoulder Pain
Doctor Horning fixed shoulder and left hand within 10 visits. He did a very good job. – K.B.

Elbow Pain
I was suffering from a sore elbow for over a year. Within a few weeks it was feeling better and after about a month or so it was gone and has not ever returned. Dr. Horning is the best!!!!!! – D.W.

Feel Much Better
Thanks Dr. Horning! I felt pretty awful but in the space of 10 visits I feel so much better!

Back Pain
Dr. Horning truly listens to you and even more he listens to your body. He has helped me get healthy and my back pain is gone. I love the that he goes to the root of the cause and not just treat the symptoms. – M.B.

Holistic Care
Dr. Horning has helped me tremendously. He not only treats the symptom, but digs into the root cause of problems. He takes a holistic approach in treatment and ensures follow-up and adjusts if needed accordingly. His knowledgeable and friendly approach makes him the best. Thank you very much Dr. Horning! – N.B.

I have experienced relief from shoulder and neck pain. My primary relief has been in regaining feeling in my right leg. I had fallen off of a sail boat and sprained my hip. Dr Horning treated me and one day I discovered that I could feel my shin again! I was delighted! Dr. Horning is gentle and very skillful at finding the blockages in my body. I love how good I am feeling. Eight years of pain gone! Eight years of numbness gone. Yay! – M.H.

Dr. Horning helped me with my Vertigo. The prescribed medications just made me
dizzier. Dr. Horning gave me a supplement that helped. I so appreciate that he did more research to discover more ways to open my ear passages and retrain my brain. He is positive, kind, and concerned. I can drive again and am back to work. He’s on my “hero” list. – K.C.

“I Can Finally Play Catch With My Grandson!”
For many years I have had pain and limited range of motion in my right shoulder. Also a touch of arthritis. I could not even throw a ball overhand. Dr. Horning looked at my shoulder and noticed the muscles around my shoulder were “bunched up” and tight especially the supraspinatus muscle. After several weeks of therapy Dr. Horning was able to increase my range of motion. After a few more weeks of therapy I was finally able to throw a ball overhand and play catch with my grandkids! I was also able to increase the amount of weights I use at the gym!! – R.M.

Before coming to Dr. Horning, I was having issues like back pain, headaches and digestive problems, and not being able to go to the bathroom regularly. I woke up with a sharp pain in the morning and went to the E.R. After countless efforts and over 4 hours of waiting they want to remove my appendix. The next day while I was at church I talked to my friend who told me to see Dr. Horning. I’m glad I did. I paid him a visit and he took care of me right off the bat. I’ve been better ever since and saved a lot of money. His honestly shows as soon as you meet him. – M.B.

Spider Bite
Dr. Ben Horning is the best. His excellent intuition combined with skill makes him the perfect practitioner. I have had many sessions where he patched me up… digestive issues, allergies, anxiety, sleep issues, but one of the most memorable that was also the most unexpected was when I came in for routine check-up… but also had two very swollen feet from a horrible allergic reaction to spider bites. There were multiple bite wounds on my feet, but the swelling, itching, and redness had spread so far that I had cankles and couldn’t even fit into flip flops. I had tried all sorts of topical creams and drugs to make swelling go down and stop itching, but nothing really helped. It was pretty bad, I would wake up in the middle of the night because it was so itchy and hot, I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep or stop thinking about it. It had already been 2 weeks this was going on when I went to see Dr. Horning. When I told him, he was very calm and confident that he could help. He checked out some things, did some other super advanced things I didn’t understand, but WOW! The swelling in my feet went down immediately! And the itching had decreased dramatically! I was so amazed and so grateful, because even though I just came in for routine structural stuff, he was able to help me with something that NO ONE else had been able to help with (and thankfully he cared enough to ask what was going on and have a look, because I found out that he could actually do something about it!) He is very knowledgeable, but don’t expect to understand everything. He’s like a chiropractic astrophysicist… words don’t do him justice, you just have to experience it. -MC

Neck Pain
I have suffered from neck pain for 1 1/2 years. I have been through Physical Therapy with no results. I have used anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxes with only a short term benefits. On my first visit with Dr. Horning he found a pinched nerve in my neck and gently working on the neck he released the pinched nerve and after 1 1/2 years I could move my neck left and right which was impossible up to that day. I feel like a new woman! – P.M.

Shoulder Pain
Dr. Horning has made good progress with my left shoulder which has been tight and weak. After a few visits I am back to much better strength and flexibility in the shoulder. – J.J.

Rotator Cuff
Two Years ago I fell and tore a tendon in my left shoulder, choosing to opt out of surgery, I went through months of rehabilitation including physical therapy and massage. Though I had improved, I often would not go without experiencing pain and discomfort; furthermore, my range of motion was very poor. I began to accept that this pain was now apart of me and felt I had to “live with it.” I came to see Dr. Horning and after my first visit, I felt an immediate range of motion! I am now able to live life free from restriction and pain. Thank you Dr. Horning! – V.S.

Blood Pressure
After three days of discomfort I can honestly say I awoke this morning feeling better. I was also impressed with the results of the lowered blood pressure after the treatment. – B.G.

Meniscus Tear, MCL Sprain
I really want to thank Dr. Ben Horning for all the help he is giving me! I was diagnosed with two grade 2 tears in the muscles in my knee. I was barely able to walk when I first went to him last Friday. The injury I had to my knee would likely require surgery which I am very against. I started with another chiropractor and had several sessions but the treatment hurt and left me feeling worse…..After just 4 sessions with Dr. Horning I was able to walk again yesterday!!!!! He is also addressing my nutritional deficiencies and treated me with such gentle care. I couldn’t recommend him more!!! -D.C.

Ankle Pain
I was Suffering from Post Tibial Tendon Disorder. The prognosis from my Podiatrist was wearing an ankle brace forever. I would never get well. Dr. Horning has been able to strengthen the tendon so I can go without the brace. – J.R.

I was Suffering from dizziness and nausea, but with the help of Dr. Horning, I have been able to fully recover and not have to worry about my health. I can do things now without the fear that I am going to get sick or pass out. I would recommend Dr. Horning to anyone who may be struggling with their health and wants to be happy and healthy again. – K.B.

Upset Stomach
Dr. Horning was able to locate the area I was having problems with and applied his chiropractic adjustments and used the exact technique that enabled me to improve and to have lasting relief from my symptoms. Prior to that, I was nauseated beyond functionality. I am a regular chiropractic patient and have regular checkups with Chiropractic Care. It has enabled me to retain from having to resort to medications and surgeries. -M.M.

Low Back Pain
For almost four years I have been suffering with lower back pain. I started coming to Dr. Horning nearly two years ago. Since then I have regained better functioning with everyday activities, as well as, increased physical activity. I would highly recommend Dr. Horning’s Chiropractic services.
– J.S.

Headaches have been the bane of my existence for YEARS!!! Now, with Dr. Horning’s help, I haven’t had any for over a month. It’s awesome. And I don’t have to take any meds. – S.S.

Back Pain
Dr. Horning is great! When I was having some issues with my back, he really worked with me to get me fully recovered, and he listened to all of my comments and considerations along the way so I felt like I was getting the best, catered treatment. My treatment in conjunction with working out has given my body back its strength and I don’t feel like I always need to be “careful” with my back anymore. -R.B.

Holistic Health
This office is amazing. The front desk is so helpful and willing to help. Dr. Horning is so caring and actually cares that his patients get back to 100% health. I was blown away when he called after my first visit to make sure I was okay. I am so thankful for the medical, emotional and physical help I’ve gotten by coming here. I am now a firm believer in chiropractic. I will most definitely becoming here for future help. Thank you for the help and for caring so dearly about me. – V.Z.

Common Cold / Chills
I had never been to a Chiropractor before let alone one that also does Applied Kinesiology. I really had never heard of Applied Kinesiology before, but after my first visit I knew it was me new favorite practice. Dr. Horning is amazing, he helped straighten out my shoulder and hip problems and also see what I was lacking vitamin wise. The best thing of all is I had caught a bug, was suffering from the chills, body aches and super sore throat. I went to see him and literally after my treatment (which again is all natural) that night my sore throat was gone, my aches and chills! He is fantastic at his job and I recommend him to everyone. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now that I have been treated by Dr. Horning, he is the go to man!!! -N.S.